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About Yoso

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27 thoughts on “About Yoso

  1. Hi, Great blog, very nice tattoos!
    I was wondering if you have any pictures of a chrysanthemum tattoo.
    I want to see how that flower looks like on the skin. :)

    I really want that tattoo, but I’m not shure yet.
    Again, great blog, the best tattoos I’ve seen so far!

  2. Hi there, really enjoying the blog. I’ve been reading aroung the topic as I complete my first 3/4 sleeve, it’s my third tattoo and marks, like the others a turning point.
    Keep up the great blog.

  3. Great blog Yoso, very informative. One Japanese tattoo artist that wasn’t mentioned is HoriYamato (彫倭) a.k.a. Akilla of Ikebukuro’s Horitoshi family.

    This guy is pretty well known in the underground…

    His shop is called “Tattoo Soul” and it’s on the 4th floor of the same building that Honey Tattoo is on (in your blog roll).

    1. I see he is also into Tokyo Hardcore Tattoo :)
      I am actually tattooing a guy who got his first tattoo over there!
      our paths will cross at some point :)
      such a small world :)

  4. Hi, im travelling to Singapore in September and am extremely interested in getting a sak yant tattoo, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Hi Yoso,

    Can you please explain me the meaning of the tattoo where Kintaro is riding/wrestling a giant carp? What actually this scene means? why is he holding the giant Koi?

    I’m thinking about getting this tattoo soon, but before being inked, looking for more meaning of this particular scene,

    Many Thanks,

  6. Hello Yoso, my name is Sonia I live in Madrid, want tattooing (a ginko leaf) in my nape and I need a japanese tatooman or tatoowoman, you can tell me something, you work in London, I can go to London….

  7. Hi Yoso:
    I’m in California and the only person I know here that does Tebori is Horitaka. Unfortunately he has a two year waiting list and last but not least he can’t do the design I want because it’s too small. If you don’t know anybody else in California who could do the job can recommend to me someone in Japan that could do it that doesn’t have a long waiting list and can actually do the size I want (5″ x 5″)? Thank you Yoso :)

  8. Hi Yoso

    I am coming to Japan to get a tattoo and am looking for a traditional but contemporary take on a geisha with cherry blossoms. Love the geisha with the dagger on Shoko Tando. Can you help? Or can you recommend someone? Great site! T

  9. hi yoso, love your site! I was wondering if you could refer any horimono artist that ink in hawaii? I would really like to get a tattoo done in the traditional fashion. As it would be very hard for me to get one done in Japan, what with the amount of time involved. We have a very large Japanese population here and was thinking maybe a horimono specialist immigrated to Hawaii. Any info you can give would be great.

    marc tanaka

  10. hello everyone,

    first of all: i’m from germany, which is pretty far away from where yoso lives, but that didn’t matter as you will go on reading…

    a few months ago i contacted yoso via e-mail. i told him about a tattoo i wanted and he was very open about from the very beginning.

    i explained which elements i would like to have and also talked about symbolism and yoso was really patient with me.

    i felt a connection right away and had the feeling that we were on the same page. knowing about the elements and what the tattoo is supposed to represent, yoso made a first draft. that blwe me right away!

    from there on, the draft deleveloped step by step and we still were just comunicating via e-mail!

    yoso really tried to express in the draft what i wanted to have. he didi an amazing job and i am really happy about it!

    in a few weeks we will meet in europe to start the tattooing! i can’t wait!

    for all of you who tink about getting tattooed, write an e-mail to yoso and he will put on paper what you have in your head!

    thank you for reading.


  11. Professionalism and creativity at its best! I had a Sumi Painting done by Yoso and just received it recently. He was working on this piece for a while and gosh was it amazing! I love his work and this one will definitely be appreciated forever. Thank you so much for your patience and for accepting doing this for me. I enjoy your art very much and I truly wish you only the best and continue your growth as a tattoo artist. Who knows, maybe I will contact you again for another one!

    All the best for you, Y! and I shall send you photos once it has been framed!

    Thank You, Merci, Grazie mille, Gracias, ありがとう

  12. Dear Yoso,
    I have to thank you!
    You created a Phoenix for me with a lot of patience :)
    It is so beautiful and overwhelming, I really love it!
    Your designs are very special, I have seen nothing like it in the internet or at tattoo-shops.
    It is real art with love and of course it has it’s price, but it is ok, because it’s individual art!
    So it is worth it and I’m soooo glad about MY phoenix!
    Wish you all the best!!!

  13. Yoso translates visions into reality. If Michael Angelo were alive, he would be asking advice from Yoso. The most talented artist we have ever worked with.

  14. Getting a tattoo by Yoso isn’t just about a nice drawing and some japanese ink. It’s all about meeting a person full of goodness.
    His creativity, his kindness and his peaceful mind are directly link to his art.
    So this is what you’ll get, an experience that’ll help growth.

  15. Dear friends! Some thoughts on my experience.
    As a true artist, Yoso will only do what he considers to be right, balanced and beautiful. In the beginning, when I was looking for an artist for my concept, I found that very comforting – I felt that every tattoo that Yoso creates is a piece of art that he dedicates himself to fully. I had not met Yoso in person before he started working on my back piece, and we just e-mailed to discuss the idea and image. We were not in a hurry and I would meet him once a year in Brussels. The concept and image evolved with time; just as I changed by going through different points in my life. Once during our first/second session, I told Yoso that I feel like I’ll be changed once the tattoo will be finished. He didn’t agree and said then that I’m already changed and that there’s no point in waiting for anything. Today I’m happy with how our artwork looks and feels. Of course, this does not mean that I’ve decided to stop… What I really want to say is that Yoso has become a good friend, and that working with him is not just a pleasant experience, but an awesome journey that I’m really glad to be on.
    Thank you!

  16. Thank you for your magic hands I feel so in tuned with my new friend. You caught the spirit of me in the koï. Thank for being the person you are
    Thank you for taking the time
    All my love and respect
    Je t’embrasse

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