Geisha Tattoo

Secret garden geisha tattoo

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New STyle Japanese Tattoo

Daruma's dream, new style japanese sleeve tattoo

I posted a few of my latest design on my new blog for those of you who are interested! You’re also welcome to check my flickr account. Still planning a trip to Europe this spring! And looking for opportunities in L.A & NEw York for those who like my new Japanese style!

ENjoy! Y.

Snakes, Hawks &Tigers by Horimouja

Snake Tattoo design

Snake, Hebi
They are said to have supernatural abilities, such as protection against illness, disaster, bad fortune and like the dragon can bring rain. Snakes have the ability to transform themselves into human forms, usually that of a vengeful, jealous or wronged woman. One of the best stories of this transformation is in the tragic story of Kiyoshime and the priest Anchin. Not all Snake myths are bad, many shop owners have the image, of a snake, coiled around a mallet hanging near the entrance, this is to bring good fortune and prosperity.

hawk Tattoo Design

Hawk, Taka

Hawks Represent Boldness, bravery, figthing spirit and nobility. There is an old proverb that says “No Aru Taka Wa Tume Okasuku” A wise hawk hides its talents. So the symbol of the hawk is used to describe a person that has much talent, but is modest about their abilities.

Tiger Tattoo Design

Tiger, Tora
Considered to be the supreme of all land animals by the Chinese, representing strength, courage and long life. Tigers are also said to be able to ward off bad luck, disease and Demons. In many old prints you will see a tiger fighting demons [Oni] at the side of “SHOKI” The demon queller. It’s said also that wearing a tiger pelt on your back will take away all aches, pains and heal sickness. Tigers are one of the four sacred animals, symbol of the North, season of Autumn and control the winds.

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Yoso tattoo Goes Digital on Red Bubble!

Yoso Tattoos Posted some T-shirt Goodies on Red Bubble. A first test for us! Let’s see  if it works!
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