Japanese Tattoo Design Book, Dragon Issue. New Style Japanese dragon and traditional Japanese Dragon Tattoo designs, Japanese Export of Tattoo publications!

Japanese Dragon Design Tattoo Book

Japanese Dragon Tattoo Design & Special Japanese Export, Direct from Japan with Love!

Yoso Tattoo* For Tattoo lovers is pleased to announce we have finally launched our Special Services for Japanese Tattoo Lovers! We’re ready to ship orders worldwide.

Many readers asked if we could find cool Japanese Tattoo books for them! So we’ve decided to try to a service! Made with Love from Japan! In English! If you’re just wondering which publication would be good for you, read about our special services! If you Like dragons tattoo! Check this page now! Also make sure you check the Special back piece issue.

Thank you! Arigato!



Japan, Life and tattoos, and other magical things…

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Just a quick shot to let everyone know that I have to go to Japan.
A journey that I relate to the Mythic Story of Soul Recovery from Japan. A spiritual journey towards healing!
If you want to find out more, read about the Sun Goddess.



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