How much do you know about Tibetan Symbols? Do you tattoo them? Or are you planning to get one tattooed?

The Encyclopedia of Tibetan Symbols and Motifs

It is not only a matter of copying Shige’s, or Philipe Leu’s work (I.e. skulls) as it is often seen, You also have to understand the symbolism and the culture that is represented, the how and they why! So get this book if you want to get anywhere near some kind of serious learning phase. We’ve got it, and we wouldn’t get rid of it for sure! This book does not only serve as an introduction, but also will remain a valuable source of information and inspiration, probably for the lifetime of your tattoo studio. It also serves as a good introduction to anyone who wishes to study Buddhism, or become Buddhist.

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Japanese Tattoo Design Book, Dragon Issue. New Style Japanese dragon and traditional Japanese Dragon Tattoo designs, Japanese Export of Tattoo publications!

Japanese Dragon Design Tattoo Book

Japanese Dragon Tattoo Design & Special Japanese Export, Direct from Japan with Love!

Yoso Tattoo* For Tattoo lovers is pleased to announce we have finally launched our Special Services for Japanese Tattoo Lovers! We’re ready to ship orders worldwide.

Many readers asked if we could find cool Japanese Tattoo books for them! So we’ve decided to try to a service! Made with Love from Japan! In English! If you’re just wondering which publication would be good for you, read about our special services! If you Like dragons tattoo! Check this page now! Also make sure you check the Special back piece issue.

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Tattoo Tribal, Special Back Piece Issue

Tattoo Tribal Back Piece Tattoo

The long tradition of Japanese full-back tattoos is continued in this substantial collection of images which invariably demonstrate elaborate artistry and skill. Illustrated throughout with photographs of tattoos, each work is clearly presented with room to accommodate full body designs and allows for particular themes to be fully examined. Back tattoo designs are divided into different sections which cover themes such as: mysterious snakes, beauty is fear, dragons, colour variations, gods and hero’s.

They have actually published a few issues, This special issue is definitely my favourite one! Back Pieces are simply, usually the best tattoos one can get! 150 Pages of Back Pieces covering all style and genres! At an affordable Price!

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Great Collection of Tattoo Flash from Horicho! Amazing Book!

Japanese Tattoo Flash by Horicho
Japanese Tattoo Flash by Horicho

See all of them Here ! A great Book from Horicho! Please Buy the Book from Keibunsha! Your number one Japanese Tattoo Resource!


Richard, XTATTOO, tattoo artist, Valencia, Spain

Richard, XTATTOO, tattoo artist, valencia tattoo studio

An amazing tattoo artist based in Valencia. Richard, One of my best friend at work. Doing some really good work. With an outline as sharp as the frozen wind. His own style in my view is characters and strange mythical creatures inspired by all kind of philosophies with a slight accent on Buddhism. Also a lover of traditional Japanese style. He always add his personal touch! And gives it a contemporary feel! Amazing at tattooing stories and doing some amazing body flow. If you ever go to Valencia, and need a tattoo, this is the guy to go to. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get an appointment as he is almost always fully booked! If you want a little symbol or something, you are not going to get the most of him! This guy likes it challenging! If you find him! say YOSO sent you! He’s gonna look after you :)

Peace bro!

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