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Koi sleeve tattoo first draft

More Japanese tattoo studies uploaded here!


How much do you know about Tibetan Symbols? Do you tattoo them? Or are you planning to get one tattooed?

The Encyclopedia of Tibetan Symbols and Motifs

It is not only a matter of copying Shige’s, or Philipe Leu’s work (I.e. skulls) as it is often seen, You also have to understand the symbolism and the culture that is represented, the how and they why! So get this book if you want to get anywhere near some kind of serious learning phase. We’ve got it, and we wouldn’t get rid of it for sure! This book does not only serve as an introduction, but also will remain a valuable source of information and inspiration, probably for the lifetime of your tattoo studio. It also serves as a good introduction to anyone who wishes to study Buddhism, or become Buddhist.

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Mike Giant, Muerte, 36th Chamber

Mike Giant, Muerte, Cover

isbn 978-88-88493-19-0
17×24 cm, 96 pag.
Summer 2007
36 Chambers

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Muerte is a celebration of the master of black ink, Mike Giant. He has achieved fame as a graffiti artist, illustrator and tattooist. Whether his medium is concrete, paper or skin, his signature style is made up of equal parts Mexican folk art and Japanese illustration – is unmistakable. Latin and Hispanic culture play a major role in the execution of his silhouettes, which resemble buxom pin-up femme fatale’s and assorted other voluptuous characters, often with skulls and animal tentacles.

Muerte Pin up by Mike Giant

Muerte Rose

Muerte prayer

Muerte Mike Giant

Mike Giant Muerte

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Yoso tattoo Goes Digital on Red Bubble!

Yoso Tattoos Posted some T-shirt Goodies on Red Bubble. A first test for us! Let’s see  if it works!
Have a look and let us know what you think! If by any chance you buy something! Please send us feedback as the quality of the Tee’s! Just so that we know if people are happy!

It includes a collection based on our Start Tattoo Flash Design Book! A 1001 Stars, and some random
Digital Stuff make with Love!

Star Tattoo Flash Inspired tshirts by Yoso Tattoo

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Tattoo Tribal, Special Back Piece Issue

Tattoo Tribal Back Piece Tattoo

The long tradition of Japanese full-back tattoos is continued in this substantial collection of images which invariably demonstrate elaborate artistry and skill. Illustrated throughout with photographs of tattoos, each work is clearly presented with room to accommodate full body designs and allows for particular themes to be fully examined. Back tattoo designs are divided into different sections which cover themes such as: mysterious snakes, beauty is fear, dragons, colour variations, gods and hero’s.

They have actually published a few issues, This special issue is definitely my favourite one! Back Pieces are simply, usually the best tattoos one can get! 150 Pages of Back Pieces covering all style and genres! At an affordable Price!

If any of you want me to send it to you from Japan (if still available) . Follow us here!

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Horiyoshi III’s Horikitsune aka Alex Reinke

:: From Holy Fox Tattoo


For centuries the art of Irezumi is produced and developed. This traditional japanese craftsmanship is a pure form of oriental art and it is in complete harmony with the human body and soul. It underlines the individuality of its wearer and is of high precision and quality. With its histotic figures and other traditional motives the japanese tattoo is no trend phenomenon but a high class piece of art of stunning beauty. Alex Reinke aka Horikitsune is the only european who was taken as a student of the world famous tattoo artist Horiyoshi III in Yokohama, Japan. He reached mastership in 2001.

:: Visit Alex Reinke’s website! One of the leading Traditional Japanese Artists residing in Europe!
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