Koi, Session two, Japanese Tattoo made in Japan!

japanese tattoo, Koi, session 2
japanese tattoo, Koi, session 2
japanese tattoo, Koi, session 2
japanese tattoo, Koi, session 2

Although, Today I could see how weak my lines still are! (Partly due to the rush last session as I wanted draw all the lines in one session, even tho, I only had a short time). But no excuses! Tattoo requires of you! No excuses! Only discipline, skills and concentration! Anyway, I know I’ll fix this, while doing the shading, then go over the lines I want to make stronger! Also, yoday/today, I was very honoured due to the visit of a special guest, who came to me, to show me his amazing traditional japanese Back piece! I also was the first foreigner he ever met and spoke to, so it was a really amazing experience for me to exchange and share true respect; and love for tradition and the japanese/human spirit. Tattoos can be very intimate and private in Japan! Thank you for the honour! It was a real gift from life, to welcome him, and see the tattoo alive on him! I can tell you that guy had a really strong and beautiful spirit! That is what I love about Japanese People! You can be strong, and very humble!
Heart to Heart! Never lost in translation!

I chose to treat this piece more like a painting, so I’ll keep my spontanity flowing! Today some black and some shading!


2 thoughts on “Koi, Session two, Japanese Tattoo made in Japan!

  1. Dear Yoso Tattoo.

    I’m still trying to figure out this internet thing. To reply to your comment do I do it on your page or on mine? Anyway, your blog is fantastic and the images are so very beautiful.

    I’m still trying to post the Schweizer Illustrierte article properly, but the very first post on my blog gives a pretty in-depth explanation of the whole project.

    Keep up your excellent and inspiring work. Let’s stay in touch. All the best.


    1. I just click reply om the related comments, from the admin menu on left hand side. The reply option appears when you rollover at the end of the comment. Or you can simply add a comment following the comment I made :) On the blog itself. Up to you! Thank you for your feedback! Are you actually the TIM who ‘sold’ his skin?
      I come from the fine art world myself. On one hand I think it’s arte farty! On the other its so cool! Definitely a lot to talk about! However, not to happy with the article on 24. They seem to forget that skin collectors have been exisiting for a while. There is actually a black market of Collected Body suits, etc… Keep us posted!
      I still want to talk about this on the yoso tattoo blog. I love the tattoo, on the body, becoming the ‘art’ piece, the body really is somehow reduced to an object. very strong!


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