Inked Inc.


Dr. Dave
Dr. Dave



INKED Inc. exists at the intersection of bodyart and 
professional culture.  INKED Inc. shows how the
once-derided tattoo is transcending both cultural and
societal boundaries.

The INKED Inc. project consists of an online dynamic 
photography portfolio, a hardcover published book, a
traveling photography exhibition and an online social

INKED Inc. was created by Dave 
Kimelberg.  Dave works as both a 
photographer and corporate lawyer in 
Boston, Massachusetts.  Working for large 
corporate law firms in both Boston and 
New York City (and having clerked for a 
U.S. federal judge), Dave had always kept 
his extensive tattoos hidden. The 
popularity of the INKED Inc. project 
changed all that and has allowed Dave to 
promote his love of tattoo art through his 
other love, photography.  

Dave currently divides his time between 
his “day” job as General Counsel for an 
east coast venture capital group and 
working as much as he can at his 
Boston-area photography studio.  He also 
designs and contructs Japanese-inspired 
gardens.  Dave received a Juris Doctorate 
from Cornell Law School and a BS from 
Northeastern University, and is continually 
trying to further his education in 


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