Loic Zimmerman, CG/3d Tattoo, The Future if Tattoing?

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Loic Zimmerman, Visualise your own tattoo.
Loic Zimmerman, Visualise your own tattoo.

Now that’s interesting, I look at the Photograph, and think, oh my buddha, this Tattoo is so cool! It looked to clean and flat to be real. But the design Looks really wonderful. Could this be the next step, the next tool for tattoo artist? CG artist, Loic Zimmernam always wanted a tattoo he would design himself.So he went all the way to design and visualise his own design on his own body using CG and 3d Scanning devices.

The result, well the tattoo artist still had to adjust the design. Details, ect… The body is a tricky one. It moves and flow like very few CG artist can do so far. And even more importantly it ages. All skin type are different. And so on… But definitely a great design and a great experiment

CG Tattoo, 3 Views
CG Tattoo, 3 Views

Maybe I am becoming a traditionalist; It is mixing two art forms, which can be great. But Tattoo is a skill in itself. A medium, a way of thinking, a lifestyle. Loosing the tattooist traditions is loosing an art form. Just look at traditional Japanese Tattoo, and How Tebori is disappearing. I really believe there is something sacred in not using machines. in getting one human to design for or on another human. Ideally by Hand. Drawing on the body, visualising the design on the body without the assistance of the computer, visualising the design that has to ‘come out’ from the Soul within. Tattoo is the art form in itself. A sacred Art form for the initiated.

Saying this, It looks great! And it would be great to see this evolve as I am sure some people will love the idea. And I am very aware that getting the ‘perfect’ tattoo for a designer can be a real pain! Especially if you have been working with pixels, perfect circles, and what else. The hand is not as sharp. But the beauty is in the ‘human trace’, the ‘imperfection’ the nature of the medium.I am sure that it has been a paintful process for Loic as 3D can be tricky! but it must be a great toy to have!!!

Tattoo completed
Tattoo completed

I wonder once he had the tattoo done, if his mind changed about ‘tattoing’, and if he will chose another way for his next design… Because it looks like he will have more tattoos…

:: Welcome see the latest post on Loic’s Tattoo

You can read the full story on Loic’s website


3 thoughts on “Loic Zimmerman, CG/3d Tattoo, The Future if Tattoing?”

  1. Hi,

    After that piece was completed, I stayed away from the tattoo parlor for half a year. Burning memory…
    Then i designed a back piece the very same way. That one was an easy one on a technical point of view since defirnations on the back are minor compared to a sleeve piece.

    I recently got started on a third piece on my left arm. For that one I decided to use a rough layer from the tattoer as a guideline for my texture placement in the 3D application.
    This is a full match and the CG one is eaclty the same that the real one.

    The computer is only a tool in the process. The design is made by a human being. The execution too. The 3D trick is only here to help visualizing the whole thing, the same way we do in design, architecture and so on.
    Humans+tools. That’s what we do.

    I respect the knowledge, the experience. I also love to have inputs from pros. but as far as the design goes, I try to stay out of the safe zone. I want to mix genres and create my own stuff. Hopefully.

    Thanks for the interrest.


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