Wim Delvoye, Pig Tattoo

Wim Delvoye

Wim Delvoye

A link sent by Toan, reminded me of Wim Delvoye. A belgian Artist who tattoos pigs alive. I have been kind of obliged to tattoo dead pig skin (by product from meat industry) as training. I did not feel too confortable about this to start! I couldn’t tattoo a pig alive for sure! I don’t think they deserve it! They definitely did not ask for it!

Anyway, in the name of art, here it is! Not sure what the organisations who protect animal rights have to say about this! Woud be interested in hearing the debate. If Art is really trying to make a point. Why don’t the artist start by really/truelly respecting the animal.

:: Check artist website

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10 thoughts on “Wim Delvoye, Pig Tattoo”

  1. Yes, Pig Skin is quite similar. Very good to practice needle depth, and overall to get confortable with the machine, ink and your personal flow. However, it’s much rougher. So you never get the end results you would get on human skin. Be sure you change your neeedles regularly when tattoing pig skin! Coz they won’t stay sharp for long! I personally recommend tattoing yourself first, start with something small you might want to cover up at a later stage. That helps you feeling the needles in the skin while practicing, not just seeing it. Use your other hand to feel the vibrations too. That’s for the technicalities. Tattoing yourselve has a whole other dimension that relates to your personal initiation. Trance, focus, open your mind and listen to your soul. Once you have enough of tattooing yourselve. Pratcice on pig skin! Once you have enough of pig skin go back on yourselve to practice on yourself, notice the difference in the way you handle the machine. Go back and forth for as long as it takes to feel confortable. Get a master anyway! He will tell you when you can start tattoing others. That’s a whole other level! Once you manage to relax tattoing yourselve. You’ll be much closer to feel relax tattoing others. It’s also good as people who can see tattoo you have done on yourselve, will be much more confident when it comes to tattoing them.


    az. ma.

  2. you’ve really inspired me to purchase a tattoo machine and practice on myself, perhaps when i become a bit more confident with my drawing,


  3. and personally i don’t think this is art art all,the tattoo on the pigs doesn’t suggest a tattoo artist working his canvas, i don see any philosophy behind this work at all, more like a bored farmer with a tattoo gun.

  4. Please do find a master to teach you! Don’t start on your own without supervision. You need to learn the basics, how the machines work. Which machine to use. Which needles. And most importantly hygiene rules. Tattoo can be very dangerous if you do not learn the basics. I.e. blood poisoning, Hepatite, AIDS, etc… You are right to practice the drawing first! If you can;t draw it, no way you can tattoo it. Also, learn about body flow!
    Let me know of your progress, and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!


    az. ma.

  5. Guess everyone has their point of view! Art is a really big map with many blur areas! It is a matter of understanding the context! I personally believe one can read many artistic statements from this guys work. Every artist has the right to call his work art if he believes it is. You can never get everyone happy! :)



  6. Well, well, well! This post seems to challenge a lot of minds. I believe to understand this! You have to understand what a pig is symbolically across culture. Also, You have to know about the tattoo culture! Pig SInk (Dead) is very common along aprentice tattoo artist!


    az. ma.

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