Skull Tattoo

skull tattoo

Got a comment from someone today, saying Hello. Nothing more.
I checked where it was coming from, and found this pic, coming from another tattoo blog with an interview.
I have to admit that even though I always think I am somehow open minded. Some stuff just doesn’t look right to me. I commented on facial tattoos earlier on! Well this one, I think is the hardest I have found so far! That’s not just a facial tattoo! It challenges you to accept death! and the skull beyond your skin!

No judgment! Just a personal feeling! God that feels weird! Check out the interview for the tattoo artist who made it! What a responsability! Is that really fixing what the guy had done in the first place! I simply couldn’t myself.


2 thoughts on “Skull Tattoo”

  1. It’s crazy some of the tats people feel compelled to get. Is it bad taste? I don’t know, depends on what one calls bad taste. If someone is committed enough to do what that guy did, eventually he’d find someone to tattoo him the way he wants. Great blog so far. I’m just beginning to collect my own art and am anxiously awaiting my second tattoo.

  2. YOu are right! I don’t call it bad taste myself! Just created a category called bad taste? with a question mark. Because I think it challenges the percepton of taste! I don’t think this tattoo is about taste anyway! It is a lot deeper than this! I totally understand that someone might want to do this! However I also think that it is the responsability of the tattoo artist to guide the person who has a request! I think that the same idea could have been translated with something that could have been read in more than one way! Everyone is Free!

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