Kat VON D Tattoo

Kat VON D Tattoo

Kat VOn D, probably becming the most popular woman tattoo artist in the world due to teh success of her shows ans high quality tattoos!

She’s ****** hot, and an amazing tattoo artist when it comes to black and white portrays!!!

check her website here


4 thoughts on “Kat VON D Tattoo”

  1. right i dont understand how this has not got a comment yet

    KAT VON D is sooo fucking hot its untrue
    her tattoos are amazing
    and shes beautiful

    and shes like the best black an white portrait artist
    i have ever seen
    she should be number one!!

  2. She sure is hot. But what is with the weird junior-high wristbands, red-white-blue? And why is she always sucking on a finger in photos? She’s great a classy, and that pose is so vulgar for her.

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