Gang Culture

Prisoners Tattoos

Did you kow that Honduras, if you have a tattoo, it looks like you might go straight to jail,as tattoos are so much associated with gang cultures. Let’s be honest. How does someone become a gang member? or is society responsible? Would it be generated by American policies? LA machine? US export also rooted in Central America… Also listen to the interview on that page. here
I personally believe the government should offer free tattoo removals for people who do not wish to be associated with gangs anymore.

Check this gang video too! Not recommended at home, unless you are a gang member.
Love from the dark side

I also invite you to see the check the Homeboy Industries Post Too.


2 thoughts on “Gang Culture

  1. Have you ever been to Honduras? I think removing tattoos should be one of the last things the government should be spending money on, if they even spent money on improving the conditions of their country.

  2. Hello,

    I have never been Honduras and am reacting from what I have read and seen (maybe miss informed). If I understand your comment, I guess you mean there is many more important/vital things that can be done to make more positive change?

    Honduras or anywhere else, as far as I am aware, gangs, poverty, or social problems/exclusion is a problem you can/should approach from more than one angle to help improve the situation.

    Tattoo removal is not technically expensive if done by a voluntary organisation. I do understand, it does not cover/solve all the problems. But I Believe if it can help some individuals ‘regaining’ a better life for themselves, it should be done. I am open to your views. Please explain.

    If I made a mistake re: Government initiative, then maybe some other organisation could look after this.

    Also, I invite you check the Homeboy Industries Post Too.

    Please keep us informed.

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