Yellow Blaze vs Horiyoshi III tattoo

Yellow Blaze

Yellow Blaze

and Horyoshi 3

Horyoshi III,

Two of the best Japanese Tattoo artists I know. If Horysoshi III seems to have the monopol in terms of Japanese export. I wonder if Yellow blaze could gain the same reputation as Horyoshi III, He is definitely getting there! Having an increasing interest in Asian culture. From a visual and philosophical point of view. It seems that the Horyoshi III style is very in keep with the visual japanese tradition. Aren’t the Yellow Blaze tattoos much stronger? and much more colourful and flowy? I mean for the best one only. I agree they work on different levels, and I personally prefer Horyoshi III for its more ‘abstract patterns’ that sometimes feel more multi dimensional. And also for the love of the more traditional use of colours! Tattoo is definitely evolving with them!


2 thoughts on “Yellow Blaze vs Horiyoshi III tattoo

  1. I think the main difference between the two is that horiyoshi 3 still adheres to tattooing all of the fill and shading work by hand. Shige on the other hand tattoos all by machine. There is a place for both kinds of tattooing the sad part is tebori is a dying art form and artists and clients dont want to commit to the time and effort that it takes to get tattooed by hand. On the other hand I think that shige is one of the people on the forefront of what japanese tattooing is becoming and still uses very traditional imagery. Hands down they are both incredible craftsmen and that is one thing really lacking throughout all forms of art in todays society.

  2. I have to agree that yes tebori is a dying art form with the introduction of the modern electric tattoo machine. However Horysoshi him self now, Tattoos with an electric tattoo machine and has for awhile . But only to outline with. Though Shige with help from Filip Leu, Has the technical advantage of using mega magnums and influence of Filip Leu’s style and the Japanese tradition that contributes to Shiges style. Horiyoshi is strictly handed down traditional Japanese wood block print style of tattooing that can’t be reproduced easily here in the west however Shiges style has in fact influenced many westerners to copy and fail miserably his “look”or style so to say. Even copy his website. The tebori method commands respect and has for many generations before Shige emergence. “But like the invention of the Automobile there was no more use for the horse buggy.” We have to pay it forward to the next generation of Japanese tattoo artists like Shige who can pull of traditional Japanese imagery in 3 dimension.

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