Didn’t know him, but from what I can see online, Shige / Yello Blaze (see above) is still better! in my eyes anyway! If you don’t agree! Let me know why! see website


2 thoughts on “Horiren”

  1. Horiren, hm mm? Don’t know him either. He’s Japanese and tattoo’s It does take alot of time and experience to tattoo (Right) period. Unlike our cocky I can pull that off, even better attitude here in they west I’d like to see half of the inexperienced tattoo artists draw a phonix by hand on someones back with no stencils. And make it look as close to Horiren, Horiyoshi or Shige after its been tattooed. Every one does deserve a chance. I’ll pay it forward to Horiren and say Yes I like him . He tattoos well. Though I feel a western influence mixed in with his style unlike Shige’s non traditional Japanese tattoo Imagery it sells. Good job Horiren.

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