Zurich Tattoo


In Brussels & Zurich during April! Then back to Miyazaki! yosotattoo@gmail.com for info.


In Brussels this Month!


In Brussels this Month & maybe for part of March. I am also considering in the near future, about half of the year in Brussels, with some jumps to other European cities! This could last at least for the next two to three years, so that I can share the European culture with my wife, but also, so that a lot of progress can be done on the projects in progress; While also keeping some opening for new projects!

My european base would be in Brussels, (London, Zurich, Barcelona considered).
I would be glad to visit countries and corners of the world if I can find collectors that are commited, and willing to share their culture and welcome us as guests.

I am also considering making a quick jump to Zurich or London/Bristol during this winter, before going Back to Japan.

The inspiration for seeing my work evolve in smooth ways, I am willing to be offering reduced rates for a few selected projects that I might be able to fit during 2018 and 2019, based on commitment and fitting within the vocabulary I am developing as an artists and extension of the tradition.  Future or current patrons that can fully commit to book and plan multiple sessions ahead, can take advantage of this opportunity, for the creation of bigger pieces! I.e. Full body suits, projects that are closed to body suits or at least design big enough to fit a whole part of the body, i.e. Back Piece, Front Piece, Full sleeves with eventual chest panels, or other designs that are big enough to flow in the overall body proportions!

The conditions required are full commitment, Willing to invest on the initial design & some Flexibility in terms of Schedules!

Each Piece is marked in time, yet belong to an overall research in continuity and to the various pieces in progress so to speak, when adding all individual projects together, with a little perspective, we will be able to understand, the symbolism that had been created, but also, of we can all refer from one to another, within the context of one or two generations! So is the Irezumi way!

In this context, the artistic mind, the brush stroke, the needle touch, deserve the right to select projects that fits within the continuity of the vocabulary it wishes to explore.

It is also requested from the persons interested to book an average of one session a week while I am in their part of the world, or at some stage in the project, being able to allocate 2-3 days in the first week of my visits.

This offer applies on a first come, first served basis. The selected projects will be chosen based on the overall concept for each piece, growth for flow, and the opportunity to make the style evolve with time and in the now.

If you feel you might be interested, feel free to contact yosotattoo@gmail.com ,Only Serious collectors apply please, thank you!






Phoenix tattoo, Chest Piece

Phoenix Tattoo, Chest piece

Phoenix Tattoo Chest Piece continued in Valencia. Thank you very much for your strength and Patience! See you soon for the continuation! Currently in Miyazaki, Next trip to Europe 25.10-25.11 (Brussels/Zurich/Valencia) Happy Summer! Y.



Japanese Tattoo, Sparrow Tattoo


Start of  New Tattoo Sleeve with a sparrow on the chest! I will land in Brussels mid June, Zurich from end of June for a couple of weeks, then a jump to Valencia with a final trip back to Brussels before going back to Japan. I Should be in Europe till end of July or end of August at the latest. Get in touch if you wish to book some tattoo time as the schedule will fill up quickly. Enjoy! Y.

Summer Tattoo Tour 2017


Updated travel dates for the next few months! Small Summer tour from mid June to mid August.

If you live in Europe, hit me up, so that I can plan my trip accordingly! Guest Spots welcome. Enjoy! Y.